World Down Syndrome Day -Film "The Peruvian Challnge" - Canada

Film Maker/Present and  MC

On World Down Syndrome Day...Here in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada, We brought in Jean Francois Martin from Quebec and his beautiful film "The Peruvian Challenge".

Imagine a dream where the impossible was achieved. Six adults with Down syndrome invite you on a voyage of tolerance, open-mindedness and achievement. Come with us to Peru and discover people with Down syndrome who go beyond expectation” Special guest presenter from Quebec will be Jean Francois Martin. Our film presenter is the father of one of the young adults that went on this wondrous adventure. This is a very inspiring and well put together film. Many were touched by the experience.

One of our local young adults was Master of Ceremonies, Quinn Pleau MacWilliam . He did a fantastic job and we were all so proud of him.

The film event was free. Refreshments were free followed by an interesting and informative Q&A session. We are a small local chapter and this was our first film event. Actually it was our first event. We had over  120 people in attendance. We were very pleased with how it went. Many of our local children were in attendance and did volunteer activities to help with our event. We also, set up a display and information table. We had media coverage both in print and as part of a news report. It was great for awareness and reminding the community that we live in of our current calendar theme, which  is, "Our Place is in the Community with You".