Sara Pickard


Self-Advocate (United Kingdom)

Sara Pickard is a self-advocate who has Down’s Syndrome and lives near Cardiff, in South Wales. She has worked full-time for Mencap Cymru, a charity which works on behalf of those with learning disabilities throughout Wales, for nearly eight years. Her current role is as Participation Officer for the ‘Inspire Me’ project which involves her delivering training to young people with learning disabilities and a range of additional needs, in schools and colleges throughout Wales. She has worked as a volunteer in Lesotho and Botswana in Southern Africa as part of her work, and was a speaker at the World Down’s Syndrome Congress in Cape Town, South Africa in 2012. She has also been a keynote speaker at a number of conferences held in Wales dealing with education and health issues and is a Trustee of her local Down’s Syndrome Support Group.

Sara has been an elected Councillor on her local Community Council for the past 6 years and takes great pride in ensuring that the needs of those with disabilities in her local community are brought to the attention of her Community Council. She is very passionate about connecting with young people who have learning disabilities through her work and drives the importance of their representation in public life.

Sara is an accomplished actress and has played leading roles in two professional UK tours produced by Hijinx Theatre Company. Apart from drama, her other passions are music and dance. Sara was honoured to be chosen as a Torchbearer at the London Olympics in 2012 and carried the Olympic Flame on part of its journey in to her home city of Cardiff.

Sara has been involved in a number of TV and radio programmes and interviews in relation to her work, and her interest in drama. She has reviewed the newspapers, live, on Radio Wales on two occasions and has conducted many live radio interviews on current disability issues