WDSD Videos

#WDSD18 Videos

For World Down Syndrome Day 2018, we teamed up with Down TV to provide a hub for all of your #WDSD18 videos.

We want all of you posting your own videos for #WDSD18 to upload them to appear here:

Down TV - WDSD

This will then become a global meeting point for World Down Syndrome Day related videos which we can all share.

How to take part

  1. Film your video and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or Dalealplay.
  2. Complete the form on Down TV's website HERE.
  3. Make sure you paste the "embed code" in step 2 of the form e.g. YouTube - click "Share" and then "Embed" to find this code.
  4. Try to include the hashtag #WDSD18 in your video title and #WhatIBringToMyCommunity if relevant.
  5. Click "Upload Video". Down TV will moderate and then publish your video in our World Down Syndrome Day section.
  6. Down TV have a great HOW TO guide or go ahead and CONTACT THEM if you have any problems.

Down Syndrome International will then share your video on our World Down Syndrome Day Facebook page and Twitter feed.


For #WDSD18, DSi asked our national members to produce and send us videos based on our 2018 theme.

They featured people with Down Syndrome, their friends and peers describing how they can and do make meaningful contributions to the community throughout their lives. This campaign sought to tackle negative attitudes and a lack of knowledge about the potential of people with Down Syndrome, which prevents them from having opportunities to make contributions. 

You will find these videos at:

Down TV - WDSD

Please take a look and share. Thank You!