Emmanuel Joseph Bishop (Age: 15) - Violin Concert with the Antalya State Symphony Orchestra with Conductor Orhan Şallıel - USA

Emmanuel Joseph Bishop - Ave Maria (solo) by Franz Schubert

For World Down Syndrome Day I was invited by Gökçem Konya Down to play a violin concert with the Antalya State Symphony Orchestra with conductor Orhan Şallıel. My program:

  • Ave Maria by Schubert

  • Minuet by JS Bach

  • Hunter's Chorus by Weber

  • Chorus of "Judas Maccabeus" by Handel 

Özgürlüğün Fısıltısı (Whisper of Freedom) concert video: http://youtu.be/MIpsGADGDiA

The next day I played a violin recital with my violin teacher, Mr. Joseph Bradley at the Department of Education, Selçuk University.

Video: http://youtu.be/6SB8Ln-ATSQ

Self-Advocate Speaker Bio

Emmanuel's first presentation was at age 3 sight-reading flashcards in French at Lewis & Clark Community College in Godfrey, IL (March, 1999). At 6, he read a welcoming statement in three languages at the 2003 St. Louis NDSS Annual Conference Plenary Session in front of 600 people. At 12 he played a violin recital at the 10th World Down Syndrome Congress (August, 2009) in Ireland in front of 900 people and gave his PowerPoint presentation at a breakout session. At 15 for World Down Syndrome Day, he was invited to play the violin in Turkey with a symphony orchestra. 


He has spoken at Down syndrome conferences (Eastern Pennsylvania Down Syndrome Center, 3rd Annual Trisomy 21: Down Syndrome in the 21st Century); retreats (Frankie’s Fund Mother’s Weekend Conference [September, 2007]); meetings: Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville [2006], Lincoln Land Down Syndrome Society, Down Syndrome Dublin Toddler Group [Ireland], Down Syndrome Association of Greater Richmond; and to schools: Holy Ghost & St. Francis.


Emmanuel is homeschooled, is being raised bilingual English/Spanish and tutored in French and Latin. He sight-read at age 2; has studied Suzuki violin since age 6; learned to ride a bicycle at 8; was a State Special Olympics medalist in golf and aquatics: 200 and 400 freestyle at 10; and set six Junior Down Syndrome Swimming World records and became an altar server at 13 and confirmed at 14.


Emmanuel’s self-advocate presentation is targeted to parents and professionals to raise hope and awareness of the abilities in persons with Down syndrome. The PowerPoint presentation entitled “Before and After” shows the life of a 16-year-old boy with Down syndrome: his interests and accomplishments in sports, music and academics. Golf, biking, violin, swimming, etc. video clips will be shown. Q&A follows the presentation.


Goals and objectives:

  1. Highlight the abilities, talents, skills, gifts and potential in Down syndrome.
  2. Counteract the low expectations in Down syndrome. 
  3. Show that the joy of living does not preclude individuals with Down syndrome.
  4. Mitigate the prevalence that everything told or written about Down syndrome comes primarily from someone without Down syndrome.