Down Syndrome International - "Reach Out"

“Reach Out” is the name for Down Syndrome International's outreach training programmes in developing countries.

With around 7 million people with Down syndrome living worldwide, it is the most common and recognised form of learning disability. But most people with Down syndrome face a harsh reality of very low life expectancy, physical and psychological abuse, stigma and segregation, and very limited life opportunities as children and adults. People with Down syndrome living in poverty face all of these challenges but it is also true across the spectrum of wealth due to educational, political, medical and social barriers.

We have so many requests for help from parents, groups and organisations in developing countries and we have the expertise and experience to provide information to health, education and social professionals working with people with Down syndrome and to help capacity build advocacy organisations in areas including self-advocacy, business strategy, legislation, government lobbying and human rights.

Through “Reach Out”, we can provide training and support to professionals, organisations and people with Down syndrome, to empower them to advocate for the right to basic living standards, medical care, education and acceptance into society, and importantly allow people with Down syndrome to advocate for themselves.

We rely almost entirely on voluntary donations and membership subscriptions to generate our income and we need funds for our “Reach Out” programmes. You can help by:

  • becoming a MEMBER of DSi, which will not only help us out with much needed funds (if a subscription is required), but will also make our global voice louder. Once you are a member we will contact you regularly so that you can become involved in our exciting global projects;
  • making a DONATION and if you are a UK taxpayer, making sure you complete the GIFT AID declaration which increases the value of your donation at no extra cost to you;
  • taking part in or organising your own fundraising EVENT – pick a challenge for yourself and seek sponsorship for it. We can provide advice and support;
  • asking if your COMPANY has a charitable fund which could benefit DSi. If you work for a multi-national there may be good synergy with our work. There are a number of ways for companies to gain mutual benefit from a partnership with DSi including Charity of the Year, Corporate Partnership, Cause Related Marketing and Staff Fundraising. Also sign up for your company’s PAYROLL GIVING scheme (UK only);
  • donating your GOODS or SERVICES. If you are a professional you could do some pro bono work for us. Or if you have goods to donate for an event or sell on EBAY FOR CHARITY then please let us know. You can donate anything from 10%-100% of the proceeds to us and you can save on eBay fees;
  • telling us if you know someone who is involved with a CHARITABLE TRUST or FOUNDATION that we could apply to;
  • leaving us a LEGACY (UK) and make a lasting and long term difference to the lives of people with Down syndrome.


For further information on "Reach Out" and the ways in which you can help us, please contact Down Syndrome International.